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  • Family history

  • Memoir 

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Isobel Blackthorn (Canary Islands), Author, Memoirist and Biographer

I hired Veronica to proofread my novel and not only did she pick up on small typographical errors that escaped my notice – a missing word, a misplaced comma – she proved to me her grasp of the English language and its idioms surpasses my own. She is thorough, prompt, has a keen eye, and her easy to interpret list of corrections were a pleasure to work with. I will be using Veronica's editing services again. 

(I have since edited three books for Isobel. You will find Isobel's books on Amazon. Her latest is a biography of Alice Bailey. If you're into the esoteric or theosophy, this is definitely for you. Also check out her website and her facebook page.)

Karla Tallas (Prague, Czech Republic), Freelance Writer and Publisher

I can highly recommend Veronica. ... We have been regularly working together for a few months now. I’m really happy about her precious work. I’m a Freelance Writer & Publisher and it’s very important to me to give my readers the best possible quality. I need professional editing as I’m not a native English speaker. And that’s who Veronica is. She is doing even more than she is paid for. What I really do appreciate, she is also a writer herself. So she knows how to dignify the meaning of someone else’s thoughts so that it perfectly fits into the story as a whole and perfectly underlines the uniqueness and impact of oarticular personalities.  


(You will find Karla's fascinating blogs at  She writes about and interviews fascinating and amazing people, some wellknow celebrities, others not so well known, but all very interesting and inspiring.)


Brigitte Anders (Australia) Family HIstory

I was writing my family book and struggling with making it interesting.   Then I found out that Veronica does editing and rewriting.   That was the best thing that happened for me.   Not only did she proofread it but did a lot of research and added immense value to the book.  It is now very interesting to read, thanks to Veronica.       I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone who is trying to write a book or any other type of document.  

(Brigitte's book was written for her family and is not available publicly.)

Proofreading – I can make sure your writing has no typos or mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Set Price: AUD $35 per hour. USD $ 30 an hour. This works out at approximately  AU$10 or US$7.50 per 1,000 words.

Editing – Includes proofreading plus ways of making your writing have impact and clarity.AU $40 per hour or US$36 an hour.

Structural or Deep Editing - This involves not only editing but also structural improvements where necessary. This means:

  • re-arranging words or paragraphs to create logical flow and greater clarity. 

  • checking facts and othe minor research,

  • ensuring consistency of Contents with page numbers and Chapter headings,

  • and consistency of format throughout. 

Rate will be the same as Editing but the time taken will be longer. This means the final price will depend on complexity of the subject and the amount of fact checking required. Let's discuss it. No obligation on either side.


Copy-writing and Ghost Writing*

  • Travel,

  • Personal development

  • Gender stereotyping and Sexism

  • Education

  • Almost anything else that makes sense to me.

This involves you telling me what you need to say and I’ll write it for you with simplicity, impact and style.

*What's the difference? Copywriting - I get the credit. Ghost Writing - you get the credit.

Pricing depends on the length of the work and complexity of the topic. Let's discuss it. No obligation on either side. No harm in asking. :-)