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A Gift of Pearls


Veronica Schwarz’s book “A Gift of Pearls” sits on my desk next to my computer and every morning I read the daily “gift” that Veronica has compiled.  Today’s quote is “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone” – Gladys Bronwyn Stern, so I am writing my words now to thank Veronica for compiling this little book of pearls of wisdom.  It includes humour and wisdom in equal portions.  This one from Benjamin Disraeli seems apt for the strange times we are in at present “Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in our own power”.   It is a wonderful gift for friends. Kay Bodna, Glen Iris, Australia


This book is a hidden gem. Each is full of quotes from such a variety of sources. A true delight to rediscover each day! 

Margaret Kupper, Newcastle, Australia

Oriental Fish
According to myths, pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. The same is also true of this little book of quotes. Each quote contains some form of wisdom, drawn from a variety of over 200 people, with brief information on each person included as well.The quotes are in a diary format and are also noted in diverse categories, topics ranging from Attitude to Friendship; Gratitude to Sadness. Choose a date or a topic and it is bound to inspire your day - it does mine!I bought a copy as a gift to myself, plus some for Christmas gifts for a few special friends. Perfect as a stand alone gift or as a stocking filler, it is a pocketbook of positivity.When wisdom is given, treat it like a rare pearl. Thank you Veronica Schwarz for 'A Gift of Pearls' - a little gem that keeps on giving every day.
Suzanne Pinchen, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia
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