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Welcome to my Website. I'm glad you could make it.

Are you writing or want to write? Or you need someone to write for you? I can help you.

Need a newsletter written regularly? Or content writing for your website? I'm your go-to woman.

Writing a non-fiction book, a memoir, a family history, or a novel? I can help you write with impact, clarity, flow and definitely no boring bits. 


Contact me to talk about your project. No obligation for either of us. Just a friendly discussion on what you need.


If I can't help you, I will say so. 

As a writer, I have a rich well of experience to draw from. I’ve enjoyed lots of fun, excitement, wide horizons, awesome landscapes, numerous cultures, awe-inspiring examples of human talent, and the kindness of strangers.


Why wouldn’t I be a writer? It’s said that to teach is to learn twice. For me, to write is also to experience more deeply and to share more richly.

I'm here if you need a writer or a mentor.  Contact

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