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Gender: Reality, Myth or Disaster


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Because the system is 

Around ten thousand years ago, as agriculture replaced hunting-gathering, women’s status took a nose-dive around the world. Since then, no country on earth has yet achieved full equality of the sexes. Laws have changed in some countries, but systems and many attitudes have not. 

The system was rigged 10,000 years ago to ensure that men ruled the roost and women provided the backup services.

The system that perpetuates inequality still rolls on mostly unnoticed; in fact, it’s perceived as natural.  Veronica Schwarz’s book, “Busting the Myths of Mars and Venus, Gender: Reality, Myth or Disaster, demonstrates how and why.

The key is gender stereotypes. Feminine and masculine. Female is a fact. Feminine is an act. Likewise, masculine is an act, a performance. The problem is not men, or women themselves, but a system that is rigged and reinforced. While laws have changed, the inbuilt biases and false beliefs are still embedded in our brains, our myths,  beliefs, languages and humour, as well as our processes, our entertainment and our institutions.

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Sexism: so normalised it's as invisible as water to a fish.

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Males and females are pushed in opposite directionns to perform the characteristics they are taught to develop.

Ms Gulliver down by many tiny threads of trivia.jpg
Everyday sexism: so trivial it's embarrassing to even mention it. But enough trivial things, every day all day, can keep us "in our place". LIke tiny grains of sand, each so small, it is harmless, but enough of them can bury a city. So too, the multiple tiny threads of sexism tying Ms Gulliver in her place. Day after day, every day of her life.

If you’re concerned about:

  • · being invisible or not listened to,

  • · being passed over for promotion repeatedly,

  • · being judged by your appearance rather than your talents or actions,

  • · unequal pay for the same work, 

  • · male violence against women in public places and in the home,

  • · high suicide rates, risk taking and rage of young men,

  • · continuing misogyny and sexism,

  • · backlash from angry men’s groups,

  • · or you have children or grandchildren,


you will want to read this book. Hang on to your hat. It’s quite a ride.

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