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What have I been doing that qualifies me to help you?


  • Teaching reading and writing to both children and adults.

  • Working as secretary and personal assistant to top executives in London, Toronto, Montreal and Melbourne.

  • Writing short stories and articles on topics ranging from travel to politics, to sociology and psychology, philosophy, history, legend and mythology, for Australian newspapers, magazines, and anthologies and women’s studies programs.

  • Teaching an editing and publishing course at a tertiary College in Geelong, Australia.

  • Writing seven books for adults and children (fiction and non-fiction, picture and activity books).

  • Founding, designing, editing, curating, and publishing The Dawn, an alternative magazine for women, for ten years.

  • Editing, designing and publishing community and organisational newsletters.

  • Designing and maintaining websites for small businesses and individuals.



Those experiences have given me

some key skills to help you.

  • Knowledge of publishing and secretarial requirements.

  • Extensive knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and style.

  • Long term experience with computers, the internet, and a range of software and apps.

  • Knowledge of subjects across a broad range of human interest.

  • Logical thinking, humour, empathy, imagination, enthusiasm for lifelong learning and sharing, and a passion for conveying ideas in ways that have impact.


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