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Current Writing

Now that Down To Earth: Book 1, Busting the Myths of Mars and Venus is finished, I am planning Book 2.  Why Merit doesn't work for Women (Why He's Still the Boss and She's the Support Staff.) 


Many people either tell me women have equality now, or we don't need to fight anymore because it's all sorted. We need only to look around to see that men still run almost everything.


Double standards for men and women prevail, violence against women has not diminished and women still don't have equal reward, recognition, influence, respect or time for themselves compared with men.


Men are also under considerable pressure to conform to and perform a "masculine" set of behaviours that crush a great deal of their personal humanity, leading to depression, suicide and violence.


Among a growing number of men, hatred towards women and violent action towards them and other vulnerable groups, is becoming more common. The internet is filled with their trolling and frightening expressions of hate, and they are recruiting more to their way of thinking daily.


The future world for our grandchildren of both sexes or all  genders is looking bleak as men continue down the same suicidal path of manufactured and manipulated ego and honour that has driven their control of the world to the destruction now facing us. 

The answer is not that women should run the world but that the balanced input of both sexes is needed to restore harmony and fairness, without the manipulated posturing of gender roles. And rational fairminded women and men need to work together to stop the lemming-like rush to the abyss.


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