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by Veronica Schwarz
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Ride the Wind. Choose the Fire.


Come on a whirlwind ride across time and place with one of the most recognizable figures of Western history – Joan of Arc.

We all know of her, but few know the details of her life. Travel back in time with The Maid, in a series of imaginary interviews conducted by the author. Join her journey from shepherdess to warrior woman, to her rise to sainthood. Enjoy Joan’s own words, recorded through two arduous trials. Admire her courage and stoicism, her compassion for the enemy, her battle strategies and her horsemanship.

Under the duress of imprisonment and trial, she still maintained her sense of humor, to the point of making her accusers and judges laugh out loud. Five hundred years later, the Catholic Church that condemned her as a heretic, made her a Saint.

Come with Joan the Maid. Ride the wind. Choose the fire.

Water Falling

 (A children's picture book) Mimosa Publications, Melbourne, (distributed by Rigby in the USA and Ginn Publishing in Canada), 1993. Amazingly it is still available for sale on the internet. Click on the title or the photo of the cover to see the book.

Previously published books were specifically for teachers and students and are no longer available.


Book series - Down to Earth: Busting the Myths of Mars and Venus: 


I hate unfairness, injustice, discrimination, prejudice, and assumptions particularly those based on stereotypes. 

I am currently working on a series of books to bust the myths of Mars and Venus, and the sexism and gender stereotypes they are based on. Yes, gender stereotyping. What a wanton waste of people and talent those stereotypes are! What a harmful, destructive force for denigration, control, violence, and death!

They damage both women and men.


They constrain positive progress in many fields of human effort including commercially, economically and environmentally. They can be overcome. This book will show how and why.

Currently, there are four books planned for the series:

The Myth of Equality: Illusion or Delusion

The Myth of Femininity: Stay as Sweet as you are

The Myth of Masculinity: Boys will be Boys

The Myth of Merit: Why He's Still the Boss and She's the Support Staff



I am also working on a memoir as so many people comment on the many things I have done in my life and urge me to write about it. 

Can-Do Women

Another book for children 8 - 11,  about Can Do Women of history, is an ongoing project. Women are often invisible in history and their achievements are amazing when you bring them to light. Female superheroes - there's plenty of them. We just need to bring them back into the spotlight.

Exciting Tales from Australian History

History doesn't have to be boring. It's about people and their often amazing actions and idiocies. It depends on how you tell it. It's often fun and exciting and inspiring.  This will be a book for 11 to 15 year-olds.

Good Grammar in 24 Hours

Call me pedantic but I hate the way grammar and punctuation are disappearing from our understanding and writing of the English language. Language may be living and changing but it doesn't need to be mauled in the process. 

Short Stories

The first story I ever wrote "Black Lily" was published in Woman's Day in 1965.

I still write short stories, essays and articles on subjects that involve my  passion for travel, history, fairness and science fiction!

"The Last Letter Home". A science fiction piece based on the sightings of giant cats in Victoria. It's a letter written by a female alien trapped and dying on earth. Society of Women Writers Victoria, Christmas Competition 2008. Short Story section.

"To the Bitter End"  The story of Joan of Arc's last day alive, told from the perspective of one of the priests who was with her. It won First prize in the Society of Women Writers Victoria Christmas Competition 2012.

"Good Advice" the story of a rapist and serial killer who took on the wrong woman. It won Second Prize in the Society of Women Writers Vic. Christmas Competition 2012.

You can get a free preview (not the whole book) here.