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A Gift Of Pearls is a collection of quotes, each for one day of the year, that will inspire, inform and amuse.

The quotes are organised in diary format, with one quote provided for each calendar date. It is not specific to a year and is useful repeatedly, year after year. 


The quotes are also organised in categories. For example, all the quotes on Creativity are located on Day 7 of each month, while Quotes on Power are on Day 25. 

A helpful list of categories and topics provides the relative dates for each mood. This allows readers to find twelve quotes on a particular topic, concept or mood, whenever needed. 

In addition, a section entitled "Who Are These People?" contains brief bios of every person quoted, from Aristotle to Oprah, Aesop to Ziglar.

Designed to be helpful, inspiring, uplifting and, at times, amusing, A Gift Of Pearls makes an excellent gift for any occasion - even for yourself.

Ride the Wind. Choose the Fire.


Come on a whirlwind ride across time and place with one of the most recognizable figures of Western history – Joan of Arc.

We all know of her, but few know the details of her life. Travel back in time with The Maid, in a series of imaginary interviews conducted by the author. Join her journey from shepherdess to warrior woman, to her rise to sainthood. Enjoy Joan’s own words, recorded through two arduous trials. Admire her courage and stoicism, her compassion for the enemy, her battle strategies and her horsemanship.

Under the duress of imprisonment and trial, she still maintained her sense of humor, to the point of making her accusers and judges laugh out loud. Five hundred years later, the Catholic Church that condemned her as a heretic, made her a Saint.

Come with Joan the Maid. Ride the Wind. Choose the Fire.  

Book Cover statue of Joan of Arc.jpg

You can get a free preview (not the whole book) here.

Water Falling

 (A children's picture book) Mimosa Publications, Melbourne, (distributed by Rigby in the USA and Ginn Publishing in Canada), 1993. Amazingly it is still available for sale on the internet. Click on the title or the photo of the cover to see the book.

Previously published books were specifically for teachers and students and are no longer available.

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