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Articles & Other Things

by Veronica Schwarz
Freelance Articles

"A Breath of Fresh Eyre", caravanning on the South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. Winner of the My Favourite Place competition for a travel article

in the caravanning magazine The Nomad. Published by The Nomad, Autumn 2010. Read this.

2008: First Prize - "The Ghost of Coryule" (the story of Anne Drysdale and Caroline Newcomb who settled on the Bellarine Peninsula). Geelong Advertiser Short Short Story Weekly competition. 23 August 2008


2008: Runner up - "The Last Letter Home". science fiction Society of Women Writers Victoria, Christmas Competition 2008. Short Story section.


2007: First Prize - "The Cat that Sailed with Matt", (the story of Matthew Flinders' cat, Trim), Society of Women Writers Victoria Bienniel Literary Awards, Non-fiction section

"Bringing Art to Anglesea", the story of Jan Dick and the Anglesea Art House. Published in Network, September 2007


2006:First Prize—fiction or non-fiction: “The War on Words”, Joyce Parkes Women Writers’ Award, Australian Irish Heritage Association "Freedom of Speech: Gain or Grief", Published in Climb the Mountain, Poetry and Prose from the Society of Women Writers Victoria Inc. 2006

"A Possessive Obsession", Free Expression, July 2002.

"Geraldton's Angry Ghosts", The Australian Way, accepted for publication in March 2000.

"VRD Re-visited", Network, Office of Rural Affairs, Melbourne, 1998.

"Oh for a Better Memory", Single Life, March 1996.

"Racing Buffalo in Bali", Single Life, April 1994.

"Bringem Little Fella", Single Life, March 1994.

"A Top Class Winery: Scotchmans Hill", Dining Out, Geelong and Surf Coast. 1993.


1999: Third Prize—Article: “I heard every Word”, society of Women Writers, Victorian Branch


1993: First Prize-- Article: “Fair Bound for Hell”, Society of Women Writers, Victorian Branch

"The Wreck of the Batavia", Traveleisure, accepted for publication 1989.

"Practice Makes Perfect", Ms Muffet, Teachers' Federation of Victoria, Melbourne, December 1989.

"A Fair Go For Girls", The Age, Melbourne, 10 March 1989.

"Man Overboard", The Age, Melbourne, 14 October 1988.

"Julia Flynn - A Woman of our Kind", Ms Muffet, Teachers' Federation of Victoria, Melbourne, September 1987

"Say it again Pam", ""Women in the Arts", "The Beginner's Guide to the Goddesses" and "Kuan Yin", "Language - the Case of the Missing Gender", Women Studies Journals, Vols. 2-5, Women's Studies Centre, Melbourne, 1985

Rock for mation in South Australia called Murphy's Haystacks

Murphy's Haystacks on the Eyre Peninsula

Sketch of two galleons from 1629

Batavia, wrecked in 1629 near Geraldton, Australia

One of history's most macabre stories.

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