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Sharon Davey, Melbourne, Australia

Not only has this cutting edge book been meticulously researched, it a book of the time and, as such, could well have been completely depressing. However, the author has woven humour into her down-to-earth approach as well as practical tips for us, all of us - regardless of gender, to make changes to our thoughts, beliefs and actions. If we took this on, we could change the world and make it a much more equitable place. Let's give it a go! Highly recommended.

Isobel Blackthorn, Warrnambool, Australia

Written by an author with a lifetime of experience and wisdom, Busting the Myths of Mars and Venus is a highly readable and engaging read covering familiar ground for feminists and very much speaking to contemporary narratives of gender inequality and the need for change. The scope is wide, the brush broad, the chapters filled with insights and anecdotes. Written in an accessible, upbeat style and thoroughly researched, Busting the Myths of Mars and Venus achieves its aim in nineteen punchy chapters.

Veronica Schwarz has penned a book that can be dipped into a myth at a time, with lots of advice and tips and food for thought. This book would make a useful and insightful resource for educators and parents, and indeed it is for anyone wishing to help change the narrative, the attitudes and the behaviours that oppress women.

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