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Life's been good to me and I've had the chance to experience a lot, learn a lot and have fun along the way. I'm a writer, artist, traveller, philosopher, life-long student, mother and grandmother. 

I have a deep love of learning and a passion for history, philosophy, psychology, and lots more.  I love kindness and fairness, travel, art and science, animals and nature. 


My favourite question is "Why is it so?" Not always popular.

As a lifelong teacher and student, I love helping people to grow, improve their lives and relationships, develop their potential and learn, learn, learn. I believe the purpose of life is joy. Without joy, we’re not much use to anyone including ourselves. Joy is like water and sunshine to a plant. Life’s too short to be miserable, or cruel, or mean. That’s my philosophy. .

I’ve survived polio as a child, and a stroke as an adult, and other things, drastic or wonderful, along the way. I’m very grateful. In fact, I’m grateful for everything I’ve experienced. It’s all been an adventurous learning curve. No, I’m not Pollyanna, but I genuinely can see the good learning in the bad things.


I’ve worked as a teacher, a machinist, a secretary, a cab driver, and a curriculum and policy education. I’ve known the joy and fears of being a mother and now a grandmother.


My first language is English, and I have learnt German, French, and some Spanish. I love language and how our choice of words can bring despair, or make the heart sing.


I’ve lived in several other countries and visited many more. I always try to learn a bit of a language wherever I go, even if it’s only to say “please” and “thank you”. I reckon it’s only courteous and respectful. Besides it makes you look like a human being instead of a “tourist”.


I am now “retired” and making good use of all the things I’ve learnt along the way. I continue to travel, mainly these days in my little caravan with my dog, Cody. As a writer, I have a rich well to draw from. I’ve enjoyed lots of fun, excitement, wide horizons, awesome landscapes, numerous cultures, awe-inspiring examples of human talent, and the kindness of strangers. Why wouldn’t I be a writer? It’s said that to teach is to learn twice. For me, to write is also to experience more deeply and to share more richly.

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